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New Video Series

Sep 20, 2018

Wisconsinites facing a fifth oil pipeline on their land need your help! Please join our video launch effort today by spending a few minutes watching, liking and sharing the first of 12 remarkable short videos (from 1 to 8 minutes) starring landowners resisting Enbridge Line 66. And then set a calendar reminder to do the same thing every Wednesday for the next 11 weeks!

These remarkable people have already given so much time and effort to try and stop Line 66 from coming through their land, and a volunteer videographer and three video editors have spent long hours to craft these videos so that the broader public can understand the issues. We know that these pipelines are unfair and offer all risk to us with no reward. We need to make sure everyone knows and understands these concerns. Now it’s your turn to use your connections and a little time to share these videos with your circles.

You don’t have to use Facebook to help, though sharing the videos on your facebook page is one way. But the videos are available online and on YouTube. You can just copy and paste these links into emails that you send to friends. The WiSE Alliance Facebook page is open to the public, so even non-Facebook users can view it. You can started by watching the "teaser" preview, or reading the blog. The first video will be posted early this evening.

Many of you are motivated to stop Line 66 because you believe that eminent domain for private gain is a gross violation of our 5th Amendment right to private property, except when needed by the government for a “public use.” We reject the Supreme Court ruling in 2005 that allowed government to seize private property and hand it over to a private company for a private project that had “public benefit,” i.e. taxes and jobs. And now private companies like Enbridge can ask the Public Service Commission to use this power for their totally private ventures like a pipeline. This isn’t right.

Many of you are passionately motivated because they know that tar sands oil is the dirtiest fuel on earth. When it’s burned it causes more asthma and lung cancer than any other fuel. The United States doesn’t need this Canadian tar sands oil. We in Wisconsin are just in “pump-through country,” exposed to all the risk, with no rewards. We need to keep the tar sands in the ground. Others are concerned about climate change, and know that James Hansen, former NASA scientist, said that if all the tar sands in Alberta are burned, it will be “game over for the climate.” Stopping all four potential routes to get this dirty fuel to market could instead mean “game over” for the stripminers in Alberta!

Whatever your motivation, please use it to spread these videos far and wide. Why not set yourself a weekly or daily goal to tell a number of friends about the videos, and ask them to like and share them? There is a link to a petition at the end of each video, that will help us organize new people into our effort to stop Line 66. Let’s see how high we can drive the number of views!

Thank you for supporting this project in whatever way you can.