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$4,000 Match for any donation!

Dec 16, 2016

Thanks to all who gave, there will be two billboards to show Wisconsinites that a foreign pipeline company changed the law… to take our land for their private gain! But we must reach millions of Wisconsin citizens, which means three more billboards are needed in major metropolitan markets.

$4,000 matching gift available for one week, starting now!

Generous donors will match up to $4,000 in new donations, a great opportunity, but for only one week. What does this mean? When you give $20, $40 will be donated to put up billboards. When you give $100, $200 will be donated.

Please donate and spread the word

The matching $4,000 is only available if we RAISE $4,000 from other folks. Please donate today, and ask your friends, neighbors, and family to support the cause. Just emailing one person will help.

Thank you for taking a stand against the land-grabbing power of Enbridge.

To donate visit